Ersilia, the invisible city

Ersilia is a city imagined by Italo Calvino in his book Invisible Cities. Calvino's vivid description is a perfect metaphor for our mission.

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Ersilia Team Members

Our team merges expertise in chemistry, molecular biology and computational pharmacology with a natural enthusiasm for global health. We believe in open-source science as a means to generate low revenue drugs and thus contribute to a more egalitarian world.

Gemma Turon, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO

Trained as a molecular biologist, Gemma completed a PhD in colorectal cancer and stem cells at IRB Barcelona. Her interests, though, span a broad range of topics, with a special interest in global health and neglected diseases. This led her to move, recently, to Zambia and Palestine, to cooperate with local social circus NGOs, her other passion. These stays have given her insight on how to work and implement programs in emerging economies. With Ersilia, Gemma hopes to bring together her scientific knowledge and her social work to deliver high-quality, fast services that will effectively tackle some of the most urgent health issues in developing countries.

Edoardo Gaude, PhD
Co-Founder & Trustee

Edoardo is motivated in making an impact by applying his expertise to real-world medical needs. After a PhD in oncology at the University of Cambridge, Edoardo took on a clinical scientist position at Owlstone Medical Ltd (Cambridge, UK). In 2018, he founded POCKiT diagnostics Ltd, a medical company aimed at improving stroke care. During his academic and industrial career, he published ~40 scientific articles, filed 3 patents, designed and performed several clinical studies, and contributed to raising £1.2M public and private funds. With Ersilia, Edoardo aims to harness his science entrepreneurship expertise for the creation and furthering of open innovation and science crowdsourcing.

Miquel Duran-Frigola, PhD
Co-Founder, CSO & Trustee

Miquel’s research interests lay at the intersection between drug discovery and large-scale biological data analysis. During his PhD studies and early career, Miquel developed several in silico methods, producing scientific publications in a broad range of topics, from theoretical chemistry to cell-based data. Along this process, he has worked at IRB Barcelona, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tel Aviv University, ISGlobal-CISM (Mozambique) and CIDRZ (Zambia). With Ersilia, Miquel aims to apply his expertise in computational pharmacology to unmet clinical needs of the Global South.


Strategic Plan

The key goals and milestones for Ersilia in the period comprising the years 2021 to 2023 (inclusive)

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