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Ersilia is a tech nonprofit organisation. We fuel sustainable research to eradicate infectious diseases in the Global South.

We are on a mission to make science accessible to all

Data science offers an unprecedented opportunity in biomedical research. All countries must benefit from it.

Global health inequity


Research output

Low income countries produce less than 5% of the world's scientific publications.


Infectious diseases

Six out of the top 10 causes of death in these countries are due to infections.


Antimicrobial drugs

However, only 15% of the drugs in development target infectious diseases.

Our approach

We use AI to support researchers working in resource limited countries. Together, we develop tools to speed up experiments and reduce the cost to develop new drugs.

Open science

We remove barriers to knowledge. Our code is free and open source, and we focus on making our tools accessible to all scientists.

In-country research

We put emphasis on the scientific leadership of local institutions, and support in-situ implementation of our tools.

Sustainable collaborations

We work together with local champions to ensure knowledge transfer and project continuity.

Our solution

We are building the first AI-powered, open-source tool to streamline generation of antimicrobial drug candidates, with a focus on neglected tropical diseases that affect the Global South.

Open source tools

We are growing a community of open science enthusiasts collectively contributing to free, accessible AI tools for research.

AI incubator

We support students, early career researchers, and principal investigators in their active research projects.

Data science units

We equip drug discovery centers in the Global South with AI infrastructure to enhance their research capabilities.

Our impact

Watch Prof. Kelly Chibale, Director of the H3D Centre at the University of Cape Town, speaking about Ersilia's work.

Building the Ersilia Model Hub

We are assembling the largest collection of ready-to-use AI/ML models for infectious and neglected disease research


We have more than 100 contributors from 10+ countries in the world.

Tech for social good

We use technology to tackle the world's pressing problems.


We provide opportunities to underrepresented students in STEM.

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